whaaat? Helps You To Improve Financially

How do we do that? We start at the beginning and show you how much money you actually need to earn so that you can get on in life and don’t have to step on the spot.
A simple budget with estimated costs for housing, food, mobility, insurance and vacations is quickly made. You may even include important items such as clothing in a lump sum. If you’re already doing that, bravo – you’re already a lot further ahead than most. But have you ever thought about what your headphones, which you bought spontaneously, cost? Do you understand that you have to save $3.30 every day of the year for a new TV that costs $1200? You have to realize a lot yourself, but sometimes it’s not bad if someone opens your eyes.¬†

We have made it our mission to create more awareness for money and to teach people how to deal with it responsibly. We are convinced that if we succeed in making people aware of what all the things they own cost them every day, a sensible approach to money will emerge. With all the promotions, discounts and financing options, we are constantly triggered and tempted to buy things we don’t need and because everything is so cheap, we don’t really use it most of the time. This is bad for our wallet and not least for the environment, and this is the problem we want to highlight and possibly even solve with this app.

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How It Works

Make A Profile

After downloading, you can easily register or log in and start using the app right away. Of course, this also works here on the website without installing the app on your phone or tablet.

Start Using it for Free

You do not have to pay. You can just start and collect data. Have you recently bought a cell phone, TV or something else? Enter that and watch how much it has cost you since you bought it.

Monitor & Foster Your Finances

The more liabilities you have, the more money you have to set aside to maintain your standards. Monitoring what costs you how much and what you really need will give you a better sense of your true costs. This knowledge will help you plan reasonable budgets and avoid expensive, useless impulse purchases.

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Start today and get a feeling how you can save money over time to make sure you can invest instead of buying liabilities. The app is forever free in its basic version.